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Alright children……can we have some honest talk. Everyone of you has some amazing content on your blog, otherwise I wouldn’t be following you. But let’s be honest, none of you (artists excluded) are creating ANY of the content that you’re posting (aside from the occasional selfie or photo of your cat). Do you know who is creating most of the content for your blog? Artists are.

Very rarely do I see anybody giving credit for the work you’re passing around and using to try and give your blog some credibility. It takes less than 5 seconds to google image search and find out the name of the artist whose work you’re posting. And less than 10 seconds to link to their work!

Do you know who makes practically no money? Artists. Every time you reblog an image from an artist without credit, that’s potential exposure you’re taking away from that artist. I’ve occasionally gotten an opportunity that arose from someone seeing my work on Tumblr. That’s amazing! That’s the way that it should be! But that’s not going to happen if all tumblr is is a bunch of blank, free images utilized for quick, easy consumption. All of this artwork that you love, that you reblog, that feeds your soul….it takes time, energy, creativity, and MONEY! It doesn’t just appear out of nowhere for you.

And the WORST is when some blog automatically takes the credit off of an image and replaces it with “for more images like this check out_____”. UGH! So gross! Actually, for more images like this check out the fucking artist that created it! We should be actively and publicly shaming these blogs.

But at least those blogs keep you as the source for the work. This photo above is my image and was reposted by jamesthebeloved. They literally liked the original image (that had the photo credit and me as the source), but then saved it to their computer and reposted it with zero credit and some alternate text (“NEW LIFE”…..sorry, but that piece is already titled and it’s a brilliant and beautiful title). I contacted them and asked them why they did this, and they said that they don’t like a lot of text on their blog. grrrrrrr

Do you know what this leads to? Occasionally I’ll see one of my images roll past my dash with 50,000 notes, no credit, and some other tools blog as the source. That’s just 50,000 people that actively pushed the button to like or reblog. There’s no telling how many hundreds of thousands of other people saw that image roll across their dash without any name attached to it.

Support your artists people! I make practically no money from this. Most artists don’t. It doesn’t take much time, and PLEASE don’t be the jerk that removes credit from other people’s work! It’s shameful….and what would your blog look like if you drive all of the visual artists out? It would look sad and boring.

And if you’re wondering, here’s the proper credit for that image:

A very gentle glove

from Hazing the Muse by Benjy Russell and Rya Kleinpeter

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Monday #inspiration


which is a-head


Richard Hawkins. Cody backyard 4, 2014.


Richard Hawkins. Cody backyard 5, 2014.

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Make that three heads are better than one #Sebastian

Two heads are better than one #Sebastian

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